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About Committed Cargo
Committed Cargo, a proudly listed company on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), is headquartered in the vibrant heart of the National Capital, Delhi, India. The company has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, exemplifying its unwavering commitment to excellence. Committed Cargo specializes in the seamless handling of Import and Export Cargo, earning a distinguished reputation for delivering dependable and comprehensive cargo movement solutions globally. Its guiding principle, "Customer Pride," has been instrumental in establishing a lasting presence in the dynamic cargo industry.

Mission Statement
Committed Cargo's mission is to serve as a proactive cargo gateway, anticipating and addressing every stage of a shipment's journey with dedication. The company aspires to experience strategic growth, evolving into a highly respected and recognized leader within the cargo industry.

Our Team
At Committed Cargo, the management team comprises leaders with extensive expertise drawn from various industries, including transportation, logistics, cargo management, professional services, and customer support. These individuals serve as the bedrock, offering vision and guidance to an ever-expanding team of dedicated professionals. These professionals are committed to adopting and delivering professional freight forwarding solutions and customs clearance services that meet the highest standards of quality.

Operational Excellence
The operational team at Committed Cargo consists of over 160 in-house, well-trained, dynamic employees. These individuals collectively possess several years of experience in international freight forwarding and a proactive history with reputable shipping lines and airlines. This operational prowess empowers Committed Cargo to adopt a "Total Freight Management" approach, enabling the provision of end-to-end logistic services. This approach ensures precise cargo management, executed in a cost-efficient and professional manner, making Committed Cargo the ideal partner for all your logistics needs.

Financial Strength and Stability
As a publicly listed company on the National Stock Exchange, Committed Cargo's financial stability and transparent reporting are important factors that instil trust in clients and investors alike. It's an assurance that the company is well-equipped to handle both routine and unexpected challenges in the logistics sector.

In summary, as a publicly listed company on the NSE, Committed Cargo is dedicated to offering end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of clients worldwide. With a global network, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence, they are well-positioned to continue their legacy of delivering top-tier logistics services. Their commitment to customers, experienced management and operational teams, and dedication to "Total Freight Management" make them the right partner for anyone seeking dependable and comprehensive logistics solutions.