Multi Modal Facility Adequate & Appropriate Infrastructure

At Committed Group it is a single window contract for the carriage of goods by at least two or more different modes of transport. Thus, providing a permutation-combination between air-ocean-surface modes to reduce the cost of transportation. This includes Door pick to Door delivery and a complete logistics support constituting of:

  • Origin Pickup/Trucking.
  • Warehousing if required.
  • Custom Brokerage & Documentation at origin.
  • Origin charges payable like THC, B/L Fee etc.
  • Carriage by Sea or Air by payment of Freight.
  • Inland Trucking if required.
  • Custom Brokerage of goods at destination and Warehousing, if need be.
  • Door Delivery of the cargo.

Committed Group operates as Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) providing the end 2 end services like:

  • DDP :
    Delivered Duty Paid Shipments.
  • DDU :
    Delivered Duty Unpaid Shipments.
  • CI Shipments :
    Cargo picked up on cost and insurances terms
  • CF Shipments :
    Cargo picked up on cost and freight paid terms
  • CIF Shipments :
    Cargo picked up on cost Insurance and freight paid terms.
  • FOB :
    Free on Board Shipment. Only Port to port or Apt to Apt service by Carrier.
  • Ex Works :
    Pick up if cargo from shipper's warehouse/factory.

Multimodal Transport (MT) Document
Services along with logistic documentation evidencing a multimodal transport contract which can be replaced by electronic data interchange messages in-so-far as permitted by applicable law and be

  • Issued in a negotiable form or,
  • Issued in a non-negotiable form indicating a named consignee.

Taken in charge means that the goods have been handed over to and accepted for carriage by the MTO for delivery.

Delivery of the Cargo through Multimodal facility
This is done after completion of various documentation and formalities, after the arrival of the shipment at destination. The Cargo delivery is subject to various terms and conditions, to be fulfilled by the consignee as listed below:

  • Payment of all applicable charges to the delivery agent of the carrier.
  • On presentation of Duly Endorsed Original Bill of Lading (for Sea / Ocean Shipments).
  • For Air shipments, an Authority Letter is required.
  • Original DIC.
  • In case of shipments under L/C, the designated Bank need to endorse the Bill of Lading or issue a Bank Release Order in favour of the carrier.

Committed Group as an MTO undertakes to perform or to procure the performance of all acts necessary to ensure delivery of the goods / cargo with responsibility:

  • When the MT document has been issued in a negotiable form "to bearer", to the person surrendering one original of the document, or
  • When the MT document has been issued in a negotiable form "to order", to the person surrendering one original of the document duly endorsed, or
  • When the MT document has been issued in a negotiable form to a named person, to that person upon proof of his identity and surrender of one original document; if such document has been transferred "to order" or in blank the provisions of (b) above apply, or
  • When the MT document has been issued in a non-negotiable form, to the person named as consignee in the document upon proof of his identity, or
  • When no document has been issued, to a person as instructed by the consignor or by a person who has acquired the consignor's or the consignee's rights under the multimodal transport contract to give such instructions.

Period of responsibility
The responsibility of COMMITTED CARGO CARE LTD. as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) for the goods under these Rules covers the period from the time the MTO has taken the goods in his charge to the time of their delivery.
The multimodal transport operator shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of its employee or agents, when any such employee or agent is acting within the scope of his employment, or of any other person of whose services he makes use for the performance of the contract, as if such acts and omissions were his own.

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